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Social Skills

The Impact of Social Skills

Communication is always between two or more people, and there are many factors that can change how well an underlying message is understood. Cultural, geographic, and situational factors can change by the minute in some cases, and social skills help people navigate these changes and continue communicating clearly.

Some disorders significantly impact social communication skills, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Social skills are pertinent in every stage of life, from birth to older adulthood.

What can a speech-language pathologist do to help?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are specially trained to assess and support social-pragmatic skills. From using polite words such as “Hi,” “Thank you,” and “Please,” to understanding or using sarcasm, to telling a story that makes sense, there is a wide range of social skills that may be targeted in therapy with an SLP.

How can Expressable help?

Online speech therapy with Expressable provides a convenient and affordable source of expertise in social skill development. For children and families in need of support, our SLPs develop an intervention plan that serves the areas of concern. For adults, SLPs are always able to meet clients where they are and create a plan that helps them navigate daily social scenarios with greater ease and comfort. All of these goals can be achieved through a combination of guidance and support during online sessions and individually-designed home programs that encourage clients to engage with others in their life.

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