Accent Modification

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What is an accent?

Everyone has an accent. An accent is simply a unique way that groups of people who speak the same language sound. Accents can vary based on many things, but are most commonly associated with an individual's regional or national origin.

Accents are not speech disorders - they are part of all spoken language and no accent is better than another. Many people are very proud of their accents. However, having an accent can be frustrating for some when it makes communicating with others difficult.

Would you like to change your accent?

Languages, dialects, and accents weave a linguistic tapestry for every country in the world. Accents are nothing to feel embarrassed about, though some individuals may feel discriminated against in daily interactions or occupational situations.

Whether it is a very serious issue (and dicrimination always is), or one to a lesser degree, you may have a desire to change your accent. It is possible to produce sounds differently with hard work and practice. This process is often called accent modification and can be made easier with the assistance of a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP).

How can Expressable help?

If you are seeking help with accent modification, it’s likely you’ve already spent some time working on your accent on your own. Individual practice is great, but support from a licensed SLP is the most efficient way to make progress. A certified SLP is trained to identify the unique sounds and patterns that may be impacting how clearly you are understood by others.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will not pay for services to adjust your accent because an accent isn’t a speech disorder. The good news is that Expressable offers online speech therapy for one fifth of the price of traditional therapy. We’re not here to judge, we are here to help you make the changes you are looking for and gain confidence in communicating.

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