Grow Your Child’s Communication Skills

Speech and language therapy has the power to transform your child’s life. In addition to providing effective, 1-on-1 therapy online, Expressable offers personalized education and weekly homework to accelerate your child’s progress throughout the week.

Every Child Deserves the Gift of Speech

Expressable is effective for children of all ages

From toddlers to young adults, every child's learning style is unique. Our speech therapists provide age-appropriate online treatment that’s engaging, interactive, and tailored to your child’s needs. In addition, parent coaching and resources keep you supported every step of the way.

Ages 0-3

Parents work directly with their speech therapist to learn cues and at-home strategies to improve their child’s communication.

Ages 3-6

Parents attend video sessions alongside their child so they both learn valuable skills from their speech therapist.

Ages 7 and up

Most children attend video sessions independently but parents are kept in the loop with updates and tips during each session.

We treat nearly all childhood communication issues

From stuttering to speech delays to lisps and beyond, Expressable’s team of licensed and experienced speech therapists treat a range of conditions.

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The Benefits of Online Speech Therapy for Children

Online speech therapy provides an effective and interactive experience that children love, while helping parents conveniently fit sessions into their busy lives.

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The comfort of home

Children learn best in the environment that’s most comfortable: their home. Compared to a school or clinic, being surrounded by the people and things children love puts them at ease so they can focus on growing their communication skills.

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Online therapy is effective

Research has shown that online speech therapy is just as effective as in-person settings. In fact, online therapy is endorsed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

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The perfect therapist

After your free consultation, Expressable matches you with a speech therapist specialized in your child’s area of need. Best of all, you can securely text them anytime with questions!

"Erica’s informative with assignments for me to do in between appointments and nurturing. She asks how my child is doing and I can tell she cares. My son adores her. I don’t feel like just a client with Erica. I highly recommend this service as it’s very convenient."

A.F. from Texas

Parent Coaching and Support

When speech therapy practice happens at home, progress happens quicker. Expressable empowers parents and caregivers with educational resources and weekly homework so you can grow your child’s communication skills at home throughout the week.

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