Online Speech Therapy From the Comfort of Your Home

For Both Children and Adults

Available Nights and Weekends

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Here’s How It Works

Expressable offers affordable online speech therapy for a range of adult and childhood disorders. After your free consultation, we match you with a licensed speech therapist based on your individual needs and schedule. All appointments are delivered via secure video conferencing.

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Ages 0-3

Parents work directly with their speech therapist to learn cues and at-home strategies to improve their child’s communication.

Ages 3-6

Parents attend video sessions alongside their child so they both learn valuable skills from their speech therapist.

Ages 7 and up

Most children attend video sessions independently but parents are kept in the loop with updates and tips during each session.


We make it easy for adults to fit therapy into their busy lives - nights, weekends, or otherwise - online from the comfort of their home.

“(Our therapist) puts all she can into helping my son and the feedback she gives is great. Her face lights up as much as mine when my son improves and says new words.”

-Carmen P

Online Therapy for a Modern World

Say goodbye to insurance headaches, high costs, and long commutes. Our certified speech-language pathologists offer high-quality care from the comfort of your home and at a time that works best for your family - all for a fraction of the cost of traditional, on-site therapy.

Photo of a video session with a speech therapist

Evidence-Based Therapy

Every person is different. That’s why your dedicated speech therapist will provide an individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs and communication goals.

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Always On Your Schedule

Your speech therapist provides effective speech therapy from the comfort of your home and on your schedule - mornings, nights, or weekends.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Therapy doesn’t stop after the appointment. Your therapist will provide real-life tips and exercises at the end of each session for continued improvement on your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expressable is the most affordable and convenient way to receive speech therapy. All appointments are delivered online, from the comfort of your home, and on your schedule - mornings, nights, or weekends. After you get started, we will pair you with a licensed and experienced speech-language pathologist that you meet with weekly via secure video conferencing.

Click here! All you have to do is fill out a couple questions to schedule a free consultation with a licensed, speech therapist. No credit cards. No commitments. During your consultation, your therapist will answer any of your questions to help you determine if Expressable is right for you.

Every scheduled session with your therapist will contain a unique video conferencing link within the invite. Our video conferencing software is HIPAA compliant and doesn’t require any downloads. All you need is a modern device and an internet connection.

Expressable is a subscription service. We offer several different plans so that families can customize treatment to their individual needs. Plans range from $59 to $118 dollars per week, but there are no contracts and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Yes! All speech-language pathologists are licensed in the states they serve clients. All of our therapists have years of experience treating a variety of clients and are carefully vetted and trained.

Absolutely! Research has shown that online speech therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy delivered at a clinic. In addition, many families find the flexibility of online speech therapy more convenient.

Parents and caregivers are included in every session. When treating young children, our speech therapists coach parents and caregivers to support progress and promote at-home skill building throughout the week. During online sessions, young children interact predominantly with their families, while therapists provide education, strategies, and feedback so that parents can confidently practice outside of the session.

For school-age and older kids, parents are consistently updated on progress and goal outcomes during each meeting.

Definitely! We offer flexible hours - mornings, nights, and weekends - so that our adult customers can fit speech therapy into their busy lives.

Benefits of Expressable


Research shows that online speech therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy


All of our therapists are licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologists.


Expressable online therapy is typically at least 50% cheaper than face-to-face therapy


Receive high-quality speech therapy from the comfort of your home and on your schedule - mornings, nights, or weekends


We make it easy to reschedule appointments and securely message your therapist 5 days a week with any questions.


We coach parents on how to support their children throughout the week so they progress faster