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Expressable offers convenient and affordable online speech therapy with the industry’s best Speech-Language Pathologists. Schedule a free consultation with a therapist today.

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Speech Therapy Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune

Expressable’s mission is to make life-changing speech therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone

What is online
speech therapy?

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Speech therapy with Expressable is just like traditional therapy but sessions are administered online with modern video conferencing software that our clients can access from the convenience of their home.

Why is it so much
more affordable?

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Expressable can offer incredible therapy at one fifth the price because our therapists can focus on serving families instead of dealing with long commutes, administrative tasks, and the burden of insurance overhead.

Why do families
love Expressable?

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With Expressable, clients don't have to deal with insurance headaches, high out-of-pocket costs, or the hassles of driving to appointments. Best of all, sessions can easily be rescheduled when life happens.

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Expressable offers a wide range of services

Our dedicated therapists provide evidence-based speech therapy services and individualized treatment plans for a number of speech and communication disorders

Why Choose Expressable?

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Live Sessions With a Dedicated Speech Therapist

Expressable matches you with a therapist specialized to handle your language needs. You can connect with your therapist from the convenience of your home at a time that makes sense for your family. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, laptop, or tablet to access amazing speech therapy.

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Secure Text Messaging

You don’t need to wait for your next appointment for answers to your burning questions.

Your subscription with Expressable includes access to your therapist 5 days a week.

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Flexible Scheduling

At Expressable, we understand that life happens. That’s why we do our best to make speech therapy more convenient for busy families.

Need to reschedule an appointment? Or cancel one altogether? No problem. All it takes is a few clicks in our easy online portal.

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Home Exercises

All Expressable plans include personalized exercises recorded by your dedicated therapist that you can access at any time through our online portal.

These skill-building exercises help you improve progress between therapy sessions.

"(Our therapist) puts all she can into helping my son and the feedback she gives is great. Her face lights up as much as mine when my son improves and says new words."

-Carmen P.

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