The Future of
Speech Therapy

Expressable helps its clients exceed their speech and language goals by integrating therapy into their daily lives - without breaking the bank.

Expressable’s mission is to make speech therapy affordable, accessible, and convenient for everyone

Here’s how we make that happen

Eliminate Insurance Overhead

Most of the speech industry relies on insurance - and is beholden to their bureaucracy and paperwork. Like a lot of new companies, we found its way more efficient and affordable to cut out the middleman.

Empower Therapists to Focus on Therapy

Every minute a therapist spends on unnecessary paperwork is minute lost on treating clients, developing treatment plans, and building new skills. By eliminating this burden, our therapists can focus on what they care about most: providing high-quality therapy.

Fast Forward with Smart Technologies

Speech therapy - and healthcare more broadly - is behind the times. The modern technologies we use don’t just make delivering speech therapy more convenient, but more efficient. We pass those savings on to our clients.

I started Expressable because I saw firsthand how many people had to forgo speech therapy because of insurance denials, lack of availability, and high out-of-pocket payments. I knew there had to be a way to deliver great speech therapy while also ensuring it was affordable for everyone.

Leanne Sherred, MS, CCC-SLP
President & Founder
Photo of a family getting online therapy from their home

Transforming speech therapy by putting our clients first

Joining Expressable includes a range of benefits, from online therapy sessions, to at-home exercises, to unparalleled access to your therapist

Flexible Hours

Secure Texting

Home Exercises

Parent Involvement

Redefining Speech Therapy

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Expressable for Children

We are changing pediatric speech therapy by focusing on training and supporting those who spend the most time with their children: their parents and caregivers.

Outcomes are better when practice happens outside of therapy. During online sessions, we empower parents to integrate speech therapy cues, exercises, and corrections into daily life.

You can read more about the importance of parent involvement on our blog here.

Expressable for Adults

There are too many adults that are unable to access much-needed speech therapy because of high costs, out-of-pocket payments, and the inability to schedule sessions during work hours.

Of course, we focus on supporting adults with speech and language disorders - but we also support adults who just want to improve their communication skills.

You can read a helpful guide on speech therapy for adults on our blog here.

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Expressable is an online speech therapy practice committed to expanding access to quality services for everyone with a communication disorder. Expressable has pioneered a parent-focused care model that uses technology and education to integrate speech therapy techniques into children’s daily lives, improving outcomes and experiences.