Expressable is Reimagining Speech and Language Therapy.

Expressable makes it easy to connect with a specialized speech therapist from the comfort of your home and on your schedule - all at a fraction of cost of traditional therapy. Schedule a free consultation with a certified speech therapist today to see how Expressable can help.

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Expressable Traditional Therapy

$49 a session

As high as $250 a session

Delivered online and on your schedule - mornings, nights or weekends included

Requires commute times and typically offered only between the hours of 9-5

Cancel or reschedule sessions for free

May require a cancellation fee

Message your therapist 5 days/week

Typically not included

Recorded lessons for at-home skill-building

Typically not included

Covers a range of services

Covers a range of services

Benefits of Online Speech Therapy

Expressable provides many advantages not traditionally found at school or in speech therapy clinic.

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Sessions On Your Schedule

Most clinics only offer therapy between 9-5, making it different to attend between school, work, and errands. At Expressable, we work around your schedule - not the other way around. Want to schedule a session after work? No problem. How about on Saturday after soccer practice? Perfect!

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Therapy Without Breaking the Bank

There’s a lot of money involved in running a physical clinic - from insurance to overhead to administration. At Expressable, our therapists work from home, meaning all these cost savings are passed down to you. That’s why we can offer incredible therapy at a fraction of the price.

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The Best Speech Therapists

Unlike a school or clinic, we’re not limited by geography when recruiting speech therapists. This allows us to choose the very best therapists from all over the country. Every Expressable speech therapist is experienced, licensed, and accredited, meaning you receive the highest quality care to meet your communication goals.

All Plans Include

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Online Therapy

High quality therapy sessions every week with a dedicated therapist

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Biannual Evaluations

Longer evaluation sessions twice a year to adjust goals and report progress

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Secure Text Messaging

Chat with your therapist 5 days/week with quick response times

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Home Exercises

Personalized, recorded skill-building exercises delivered weekly

Proud of Our Speech Specialization

We believe that specialization is the key to success. Unlike other companies that offer a variety of counseling and therapy services, Expressable is entirely focused on providing amazing speech therapy and language services for a range of common disorders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online speech therapy?

Online speech therapy is an innovative way for people to connect with speech-language pathologists (or SLPs) for therapy services. Instead of sitting next to a clinician, a client is able to work face-to-face with the help of online video from the comfort of their home.

How do I know if online speech therapy is right for my child?

Having a speech therapy session online helps families access a greater field of clinicians, particularly those that might live in areas where speech-language pathologists are hard to find. It can also allow clients to be seen by a therapist who specializes in their area of need. Expressable acknowledges that online speech therapy in front of a computer might not be appropriate for every person - that’s why we offer a free consultation to see if it’s right for you or your child before you sign up for a subscription plan.

What technology do I need for online speech therapy?

Here’s what is required:

Here’s what is recommended by our therapists:

How will I access the therapy sessions?

Expressable currently uses SimplePractice for private and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. When it’s time for your scheduled session, you will receive an email with a secure link and message inviting you to join the session. You’ll also receive a reminder email 24 hours before the scheduled session.

How long do people typically receive online speech therapy?

Clinicians wish they could look into a crystal ball to give families a short answer to this question! The long answer though - each client’s progress will depend on his or her individual needs, follow-through on the provided home programs, and strong attendance to scheduled sessions.

Expressable clinicians are certified and experienced; they will be able to field your questions or concerns regarding you or your child’s progress. With Expressable, we believe communication between clinicians and clients is crucial for success.

Why choose Expressable over traditional speech therapy?

We offer incredible speech therapy to families at a level of convenience and affordability that is unmatched in the industry. One month of Expressable therapy is often less than a single traditional speech therapy session, but includes so much more. You can securely message your therapist 5 days a week and enjoy personalized home programs that ensure progress continues outside of weekly therapy sessions.

Can I use FSA, HSA, or insurance?

You can pay for speech therapy with your FSA or HSA. We do not currently accept insurance, but we urge our customers to check with their insurance company to explore whether they reimburse for out-of-network speech therapy. We are happy to provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company.

In what states does Expressable offer online speech therapy?

Expressable is currently serving families and clients in Texas. To receive emails updating when Expressable is seeing clients in your state, please sign up for updates.

What If I’m Not Satisfied With My Therapy?

As an online speech therapy practice, we’re able to hire the best speech therapists regardless of where they live (unlike traditional practices which are limited to hiring therapists in close proximity of their clinic). All of our speech therapists are experienced, licensed, and board-accredited.

Unfortunately, sometimes the therapist you’re working with may not be the best fit. We totally understand. That’s why you’re able to switch therapists at your convenience. Simply send us an email at

If you’re still not satisfied and would like to discontinue services, we make it quick and painless. Because there’s no long-term contracts, notify us and we’ll cancel your subscription.

Who Will be My Therapist?

During your consultation, we’ll work to better understand your speech therapy needs. Expressable will then hand-select a therapist with the expertise and availability to best help you reach your goals.

Is Online Speech Therapy Effective?

There has been extensive research conducted on the effectiveness and outcomes of online speech therapy. These studies have compared the progress of individuals treated with online therapy versus those being treated at a traditional, in-person setting (like a school or clinic).

The results have been overwhelmingly clear: Not only is online speech therapy just as effective as traditional therapy, but it’s been shown that overall satisfaction is much higher among children and parents receiving online services because of its added convenience and flexibility.

For more information on the effectiveness of online speech therapy, read our blog.

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