Language Disorders

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What is the difference between ‘speech’ and ‘language?’

While ‘speech’ refers to the physical production of speech sounds that are heard and perceived by others, ‘language’ encompasses vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, phonology, and pragmatic/social skills.

What is a Language Disorder?

A language disorder occurs when an individual has difficulty understanding and/or using one or more of the five domains of language (semantics, syntax, morphology, phonology, pragmatics). When deficits in oral language occur without an individual also demonstrating an intellectual disability, sensory or hearing impairment, global developmental delay, motor deficits, or other mental disorder, it is known as a Specific Language Impairment.

Language disorders can be organic, with a known cause such as a brain injury or neurological disorders. If there is no known cause for a language disorder, it indicates a functional disorder. For people who speak two or more languages, difficulties must be present across each language to indicate a true disorder.

How can Expressable help?

If you or a family member demonstrate difficulty understanding or using vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, or social skills, Expressable can provide a free consultation to help determine if a full speech and language evaluation may be beneficial. Language disorders can be complex, and are therefore best treated by a skilled speech-language pathologist (SLP). Adults can receive all the benefits of an individualized treatment plan delivered conveniently via video session with Expressable. Children who are able to independently use the computer can participate in language-based tasks with guidance and support from an SLP.

Research has shown that early intervention results in better outcomes for children demonstrating developmental delays in language acquisition. Telepractice with a skilled SLP offers the opportunity for parent-coaching and education, in which the therapist guides family members with strategies and cues to remain involved in their child’s development.

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