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Accent Modification

Accents are not speech disorders - they are part of all spoken languages. However, having an accent can be frustrating when it makes it difficult to communicate with others. Accent modification can help you produce sounds differently if you have a desire to change your accent.

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Aphasia is a language disorder that can affect an individual’s ability to communicate. This can make it difficult for individuals to speak clearly or comprehend language, and also affect their ability to read and write.

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Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia is a neurological condition that makes it difficult to coordinate mouth movements needed to turn sounds into syllables, syllables into words, and words into phrases. It can make it hard to communicate and formulate coherent sounds and sentences.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition that commonly appears during the early years of childhood. It typically affects a person’s communication abilities and social interactions.

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Dysarthria is a motor-speech disorder that weakens the muscles used in speech production. This makes it difficult to coordinate and control these muscles, which can lead to a range of communication challenges.

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Early Childhood Development

While all children develop at their own pace, there are expected developmental milestones they should reach by certain ages. If your child is struggling to reach their communication goals, speech and language therapy can help.

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Gender Affirming Voice Training

Gender-affirming voice training, which can also be referred to as a type of voice therapy or voice modification, is a collaboration between the client and clinician. The voice specialist and client will often work together to explore ways to align vocal characteristics more closely to their identity.

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Language Disorders

A language disorder is a type of communication disorder that makes it difficult to use, process, and comprehend language. A person with a language disorder may have trouble understanding what other people are saying or expressing their own needs or feelings.

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Lisps are one of the most noticeable speech disorders that can happen during early childhood development. People with lisps often struggle to pronounce certain consonants, with the “s” and “z” sounds being some of the most common and challenging.

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Reading Readiness

Learning to read has many prerequisite skills which may be impacted by a child’s speech and language development. There are many strategies and practices that can help children improve their language comprehension, vocabulary, and reading abilities.

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Speech Delay

A speech delay is when a child doesn’t meet typical speech milestones by certain ages. Because all children progress on their own timeline, it can be difficult to tell whether your child is just a late talker or whether there’s a serious problem that needs professional treatment.

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Social Communication Disorder

Social communication disorder refer to how we communicate, get along with others, and develop meaningful relationships. Some speech and language disorders significantly impact social skills, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Speech Sound Disorders

Producing speech sounds correctly requires both the knowledge of a desired speech sound, as well as the ability to coordinate the speech muscles. Children and adults who are unable to pronounce certain sounds or words may have a speech sound disorder.

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Stuttering is a communication disorder that disrupts that natural flow of speech. People who stutter often repeat certain syllables, words, or phrases, prolong them, or experience abnormal stoppages of certain sounds and syllables.

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Voice Disorders

A voice disorder occurs when an individual’s pitch, vocal quality, resonance, or loudness are inappropriate for their age, gender, or cultural background. When a person feels that their voice does not meet their daily needs, they may pursue treatment.

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