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Expressable is transforming speech therapy by combining virtual therapy with personalized support and education to improve the quality of care.

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The best speech therapists work here

We believe great care starts with great providers. We never “contract out” speech therapists - our entire clinical staff are W2 employees. This allows us to hire the “best of the best,” bringing on world-class therapists with years of clinical experience.

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Personalized education and support

When parents and caregivers are active participants in their loved one’s care, progress happens faster. We empower families with resources and weekly homework that complement skills taught during live therapy. Now, practice can happen around the clock instead of only 30-60 minutes a week.

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Powered by Technology

At Expressable, we use modern technology to create the best possible experience for families. From matching you with a therapist specialized to your needs, to secure texting, easy rescheduling, and so much more, there’s a reason families give us a 4.9/5 star rating.

“Throughout my years in clinical practice, I saw first-hand how too many families struggled to access high-quality speech therapy. So we set out to reinvent the care model by hiring the best speech therapists, using technology to create better experiences, and providing personalized education that improves outcomes.”

Leanne Sherred, MS, CCC-SLP
President & Founder

Transforming speech therapy by putting our clients first

Joining Expressable includes a range of benefits, from online therapy sessions, to at-home exercises, to unparalleled access to your therapist.

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Redefining speech therapy for children and adults

Expressable for children

We are changing pediatric speech therapy by focusing on training and supporting those who spend the most time with their children: their parents and caregivers.

Outcomes are better when practice happens outside of therapy. During online sessions, we empower parents to integrate speech therapy cues, exercises, and corrections into daily life.

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Expressable for adults

There’s too many adults unable to access much-needed speech therapy because of high costs, lack of insurance coverage, and the inability to schedule sessions around work hours.

From public speaking skills, to accent modification, to addressing lingering articulation and stuttering issues, Expressable helps adults achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

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